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August 21, 2012

To run a ceiling fan for 12 Hrs using Solar Power, you need at least 250Wp SPV Panel with inverter and battery which costs around 40,000 to 45,000.

We do agree that it is quite expensive.

No Worries…

With an immense effort to provide green clean energy at low cost, we have researched and developed a new energy efficient solar fan.

We proudly launched our SOLARIZ INNO FAN @ Rs. 21,900 for 12Hours backup with good quality. No need of professionals to install these set ups. Even an electrician near by you can fit our product with a simple manual instruction.

We provide the system which includes 20W, 56” White Colour DC Ceiling Fan with electronics speed controller, 80Wp panel, Intelligent Solar Charge Controller, 40AH Lead Acid Tubular Battery, 12W/6W energy efficient LED lamp.

This innovative product conserves 1 unit of electricity energy at moderate cost. Indirectly reduce the Carbon Emission and build a new way to green life.


By admin
May 14, 2012

India is becoming one of the Largest Markets for Solar Energy in the World. In fact, India’s Solar Energy sector has a great potential to be one of the biggest renewable energy providers by the 21st century.

India currently has less than 500 MW of Solar Energy capacity, which accounts for less than 0.1% of India’s total electricity capacity. In the near future, much is going to change as the government is going for solar energy.

In a big area of India’s people lives in the dark due to shortage of electricity. Solar energy sector helps the government to facilitate the people of India as it is a costliest form of power. The Indian government through the Jawaharlal Nehru national solar mission has provided a great support to the growth of this industry. The government has set a target of 20 GW by 2022 with 1000 MW of solar power induct through private investment by 2013.

The Indian minister for energy and power is extremely confidence, that solar energy power will grow significantly by 2014.

In his statement, he said that the productive capacity of solar energy in 100 sq km of land in Jaisalmer is 100,000 mega watt powers if harnessed for 320 sunny days. With the help of latest techniques, we can transfer solar energy to grid stations via satellite.

He said that generating of 500 MW of solar energy needs 15 – 16 corer rupees while 30 rupees required more for thermal energy. The minister said that soon they will complete the Suratagarh, Chhabra, and Banswara power plants. The induction of these power plants brings a great boom in the industrial development of solar energy.

It is essential for us to focus on our full intention in developing more power units in the field of solar energy to face the coming challenges and demand of energy.

The ministry of Environment and Forests also assured him to work for environment cleaning and reduce the pollution on a priority basis. The Indian Government energy department has its own coal mines to run the thermal power plants. He said that the state wants to supply power energy to Indian’s population at a very cheap rate.

The major advantage for solar energy is that it is non-carbon dioxide. Other fuel forms of energy have a large cost in terms of pollution, health and global warming.